Priceless Pictures

I am at a point in life where college doesn’t seem as though it was very long ago, but I don’t want to sit back and actually calculate the years.

photo credit: Barney Moss via creative commons

photo credit: Barney Moss via creative commons

For the first part of my college life nobody had a smartphone. Taking a picture with your cell phone was similar to the quality of picture taking in 1915. Digital cameras were a must for quality pictures. As a dude I would always end up taking pictures for girls so they could post it to Facebook the next day after uploading the pictures to their laptop. This seems like the most archaic time period of my life. When I look back on pictures from college I love the random moments the best. It’s fun to look at Spring Break pictures, formals, or my fraternity’s beach week but the photos which bring me the most joy are the random Tuesday night with friends. Life is full of these moments and they can’t be replicated. But they are easily forgotten.

The past two years Morgan and I have gone to Jamaica and both of us have turned our cell phones off for the most part. It’s been amazing and weird. I used my phone to listen to music and take pictures but for the most part it stayed in the safe in our room. Even now when I think about Jamaica I don’t think about the dinners or the waves I photographed. I think about inside jokes. We recall laughing at the clothing (or lack thereof) people wear on the beach. The random moments bring joy.

The pictures I have which bring me the most joy are sometimes the ones nobody understands but me. There are exceptions such as my wedding pictures which are incredible and I wouldn’t trade for anything. They are certainly priceless. However, I love looking at pictures from an arbitrary evening because of the story they tell which isn’t what someone who is unfamiliar with the setting would know.

A picture can tell a thousand words, but a few words can change its story.”
– Sebastyne Young

The pictures which mean the most to me are the ones which tell a story. I can take pictures of a sunset and it may be beautiful but it’s hard to translate the beauty into a picture. I can look at Timehop and be reminded of a moment long forgotten and that is what brings joy. Priceless moments bring joy. It can be from the best day of your life or from an insignificant weeknight but there is something which ties it together.

I am ready for a vacation but I’m not taking one for a while. I’m reminding myself vacations are great and certainly memorable but they aren’t the only times in life where priceless pictures and memories are made. There are plenty of Tuesday nights which I sometimes easily forget which were memorable. I’m not going to try and create these moments I’m simply going to be present and embrace them as they come.