Once in a Lifetime Experience

I had an amazing cup of coffee at The Well Saturday. It was an Ethiopian blend with cranberry tartness and a hint of brown sugar. The barista put a ton of effort into making it and I could taste the flavors in every sip.

image1 (1)

I will never have a cup of coffee there again which will taste exactly the way it did Saturday. I may have better experiences and I may have worse. I’m learning to understand this fully in every aspect of my life. I love good coffee but at the end of the day it’s black liquid which means nothing – except for the experience. You remember the taste of the best steak you have ever had and your mouth waters when recalling it. I remember the friends I have shared amazing meals with and want to recreate these events again.

These aren’t repeatable events. We can go with the same group of people and order the same food but it’s different. We have all been to a restaurant for a second time we enjoyed initially and felt disappointment. We build up the meal in our minds and expect it to happen again. I am leaning into each moment for what it is. It might be exceptional it might be meh. Instead of anticipating something amazing I’m learning to let it happen. It’s not about pressing down expectations but rather about letting moments come at you unexpectedly.

We want everything to be exceptional. We want every live TV event, movie, and album (I’m looking at you Kanye) to be memorable. They are not. Memorable events aren’t repeatable. It’s frustrating but it is also what makes the events memorable. I have been on a french press coffee kick recently and each time I make it the taste is different. Some are better than others but instead of trying to repeat a great flavor I’m enjoying each one because it’s different.

We can look back on a date or when we saw our favorite movie for the first time and we long for it again. Those moments are great because of all the bad ones which proceeded and followed them.

We are great at looking back and picking and choosing our favorite Christmas, birthday, or year in college. We rarely have a positive view of the present. I’m learning to enjoy the present and look back on once in a lifetime events fondly instead of trying to recreate them.