The Soundtrack of Your Life

Music allows us to travel back in time. It can take you to a place you remember fondly or a place you recall with great pain.

photo credit: Steven Pisano via creative commons

photo credit: Steven Pisano via creative commons

It takes you back to driving with your friends on a spring break trip. It reminds you of a time of sadness when you played the song over and over again because it made you feel a little better if only temporarily. Sometimes these songs are not even good but for some reason you feel connected with them. They entered your brain and brought pleasure midst the pain.

Our life is similar to a song. The verses, chorus, and bridge of a song can mirror seasons. Sometimes we like a song because it sounds good. We can sing some of they lyrics but have no clue what the meaning is. Other songs draw us in because we like the lyrics. They were written for us like a gripping novel.

I have no musical talent. I actually might have negative talent. I sang in a children’s choir at church when I was young and I have sang karaoke at more honky tonks in Nashville than I care to admit. However, I love music.

Like anyone who creates anything, those who make music wonder. Will it be good? Will it resonate with people? Am I wasting my time? These are thoughts we all ponder with our careers and our life in general. Is what I’m doing worth it? Am I making a difference? Am I making a better life for me and my family?

75% of the time when I write, I wonder if it’s good. I wonder if I am wasting my time. I think about what else I can be doing with my time. However, the other 25% of the time it all makes sense. The words come crashing down like rain in a summer thunderstorm. I can’t keep the words in. I have to find my laptop, a notebook, or even my phone to get the thoughts out.

I like to write because I know what it feels like to read something great. When the words come off the page and everything around you fades into nothingness. You feel the author speaking to you directly and feel as if he or she wrote it just for you. The more I write the more I wonder if others have experienced similar struggles. Have they wondered about the same things I wonder about? Have they had the same doubts? It would be tragic if they didn’t overcome those thoughts and had never written anything.

So I keep writing in the morning when nobody is watching. I keep reading books which aren’t as enjoyable as others but which provide me with the knowledge and skills I will need to make it. I know one day someone will read a book I have yet to write and it will change them. I know it won’t be me who does it but it will be God who uses me to do something amazing.

As John Lennon says in “Beautiful Boy”, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” Make plans to be busy. You are going to be busy even if you don’t plan for it, so make sure you’re busy with the right things. There is a lot of work to do in order to accomplish what you want to accomplish. You will be busy. But that is where life happens. It is where your dreams and reality meet in a crescendo that would make Beethoven jealous. What kind of music do you want the soundtrack of your life to be?