What Are You Chasing?

I remember in college chasing was all about girls or a flat store brand coke after a shot of bottom shelf whiskey.

photo credit: Jim Bahn via creative commons

photo credit: Jim Bahn via creative commons

After graduation, it became looking for a career. I wanted to do something cool. I wanted to do something different. It is hard to find a combination of something which is cool, you’re good at, and you make a lot of money doing. I never desired to be a poor starving dude chasing after something. I wanted money. Not a ton of money where I could buy multiple cars or pay cash for a huge house. I wanted enough money where I could do what I wanted when I wanted. I really wanted freedom and the cash to support my whimsical desires. I still do.

As I get older I’m also chasing something different: significance, meaning, purpose. All of these are vague desires I want fulfilled, but I don’t know what I want to get out of it. I know there is more. I see people living a life which I want to live but I don’t understand how they got there. They can write books about it and they can hold webinars but there always seems to be something missing. It’s similar to someone who doesn’t believe in God talk about how the universe was created. Something is always missing.

I have read countless books and articles about purpose and calling this year. I see someone doing something they love and I want it. I want to chase after it but I don’t know what direction to chase. People say different things and people give different advice. It is hard to figure out what you should be tuning out and what you should be listening to intently.

I hate the unknown. I wish life had a detailed itinerary to follow. Even though I desire purpose and all it entails often times I’m drawn into wanting something easier. I want to watch TV when I should be writing. I want to be lazy when I have no reason to be lazy. It’s frustrating to not chase something you want. I want to sit down and write for hours but I end up looking at 50 pictures on Facebook of someone’s dog.

I think it comes down to fear. We become fearful so often and so easily it’s hard for us to recognize.

In Donald Miller’s latest book, Scary Close, he writes this,

I fear change, even change for the better. I thought about how there are so many lies in fear. So much deception. What else keeps us from living a better story than fear?”

Fear is deceiving. It causes us to forget the dreams we want to chase and become complacent.

Chasing after something you deeply desire isn’t easy. I wish it were and I wish there was a map which could take you there. I have been looking and have concluded there isn’t one. Don’t be discouraged. Figuring out our purpose and how we will accomplish it is essential to life. You probably know what you need to chase. Start going after it. Don’t let fear get in your way.