Press Slow Motion

I have started making coffee out of a french press recently. The other day while I was drinking the silky smooth coffee I wondered why I didn’t do this more often. If you love coffee and have ever consumed it from a french press, you know what I’m talking about.

The flavors explode in the press making each sip of coffee taste so unbelievably good.

I know exactly why I don’t do it more often. It takes time. You can’t quickly make coffee out of a french press, which is one of the reasons it tastes so good. It takes time to grind up coffee beans. It takes time to boil water. It takes time to let the coffee mix with the boiling water. It doesn’t take much time but it isn’t quick either.

Recently I have had trouble being inspired with writing. There have been times where I stared at my computer screen for what seemed like days and barely wrote 100 words.

As I was drinking a well crafted cup of coffee last Sunday I had another realization.

I haven’t taken time to think.

It hasn’t happened overnight. It has been a slow process, but over time I have gotten to where I’m going fast all day and I don’t slow down until I lay down at night. I definitely have time to think and to sit and ponder what I’m going through on a daily basis but I usually find time to occupy myself with something else during that time. Between DVR’s, high-speed internet, and K-cups waiting has become unbearable. I get angry when the car in front of me sits at a light after it turns green for half a second too long. I am in a constant rush.

I went a month without writing in my journal. I love to journal. More often than not we decide we are too busy to do something when in fact we choose to be busy.

I have made a decision to consciously choose reflection over busyness. Surprisingly it helps me get more done. It seems counter intuitive but by doing this it helps me be more productive when I actually want to sit down and write. I can write with more clarity and use the time I spend writing more efficiently. I feel more confident with my words when I have taken time to process my thoughts.

Imagine life as a DVR. We are constantly wanting to press fast forward. Instead of speeding things up, slow them down. Press slow motion.

Do things that take time. Take a moment to think and take several moments to process those thoughts. I would reccomend doing it while enjoying coffee from a french press.