How to Create Motivation

What are you longing for? When you read that question there are probably a plethora of thoughts swirling around in your brain.

photo credit: Georgie Pauwels via creative commons

photo credit: Georgie Pauwels via creative commons

Most of us spend more time deciding what to watch on TV on a given night than we do focused on what our long term goals are.

I wake up some morning’s and I have no motivation to do anything. I wake up other morning’s and want to do it all. Passion and inspiration need to carry us through the times when our motivation is low.

There is a level of shame which comes when we don’t have the passion for our goals. We keep hoping it will come to us again but if you wait for it to come you will miss out on valuable time.

I love this quote from Joshua Becker,

We will never reach our fullest potential or purpose in life until we learn to push through the frustration, overcome the obstacles, and remain committed to our pursuit—no matter how difficult the circumstances.”

Sometimes the difficult circumstances can be not seeing the progress we had hoped for. It can be the frustration from not being able to muster up the motivation to do the things we want to do. Anyone can be motivated when passion is flowing, but what separates the very competitive from the rest is they can push themselves even when it’s not easy. All great athletes are able to find this passion to push themselves when most would switch gears to neutral.

During this long winter I have found my motivation is decreasing by the day. It’s a slippery slope. If I don’t watch out I will end up a long way from my goals. You may feel the same way. I know there is a multitude of books written on this subject and people who have spent the vast majority of their life on this topic but I believe it’s simple.

You have to be self-motivated to the point where it’s almost a flaw. You have to push yourself to the point of being miserable to achieve the uncommon. If you read enough biographies of people who have achieved great things you will see this theme again and again. It’s a fine line. You don’t want to be miserable but you have to be willing to put yourself there in order to accomplish what you want to accomplish. While other people are being lazy you have to be pushing yourself. More importantly, when you want to be lazy you have to push yourself.

If this doesn’t sound like fun then I did a good job of conveying my message. Pushing through the wall isn’t fun but once you are on the other side it is absolutely worth it.