The Art of Work

I have been lazy in my writing this past week. I knew with the busy week I had at work it was going to be hard to focus on writing. I should have written anyway. Part of the reason I know that is because of the book I just finished.


I have read Jeff Goins’ blog for a while now and it has always been one of my favorites. I have also read all of his books so I was excited he was writing another one. I can say with certainty this is the best one he has written.

As I sit down to write on this Sunday afternoon I’m reminded why I want to do this. I feel called to write. I love writing but even on the days I don’t love it, I still do it and need to do it. Sometimes we think what we are called to do comes easy for us. Typically it is not, and this book unpacks that thought.

Every calling is marked by a season of insignificance, a period when nothing seems to make sense.” – Jeff Goins

If you have ever tried to do anything which caused even the slightest bit of inward wondering of what in the world you were doing this speaks to you. It was so important for me to hear this message at this stage in my life. I love to write but there are times when I don’t want to, especially on here. I feel like nobody cares what I have to say, so why put it out there? When I read those words above in the book it jumped off the page. Jeff spent time doing the same things I’m doing and he has seen now how it makes sense.

While reading the book I took pages and pages of notes and highlighted and underlined as much as I could. I know this will be a book I will go back and reference for encouragement and direction many times. The bad news is this book cannot be purchased until March 24th. You may wonder why I’m writing about this book now if it can’t be bought until another month. Well, that brings me to the good news. Right now Jeff is allowing this book to be received for free. All you have to do is pay for shipping. It’s like reverse Amazon Prime. Along with paying for shipping you get to receive a digital copy of the book immediately and access to many more things. You can read about them and get the book at

I can’t recommend this book enough. It will not only motivate you to do more but help you make sense of what you are called to do.