This is Why Perspective is Important

One of the definition’s for perspective on is: “the state of one’s ideas.”

photo credit: Neo_II via creative commons

photo credit: Neo_II via creative commons

The next time you are in a restaurant or coffee shop take a moment to look around. Imagine the state of each person’s ideas. We tend to see people not for who they are or who they are striving to be but as objects in our way to get where we want to go.

It’s hard to put myself in a stranger’s situation. I know when I’m longing for a trip or wanting to purchase a new phone and don’t really have the money to spend, I try to remind myself there are plenty of people who are worried about real financial problems. I understand subconsciously these things I long for are good problems to have. I can’t imagine truly not having the means to buy food, pay an electric bill, or take care of a child.

Aside from financial problems, emotional problems and physical pain are other things people go through we rarely think about.

We all experience pain and suffering, some certainly more than others. What I am trying hard to grasp right now is to put things into perspective when I’m dealing with something. It’s not easy, in fact it is hard but I’m getting there by constantly focusing on perspective when dealing with a problem.

It’s easy for me to make it all about me. I need to not only be thankful for the blessings and the relatively easy life I have had but show compassion to others.

I’m looking at people. I’m not just seeing them where they are at I’m understanding what they have gone through. We all have stories. We all have been through tough situations. You never know what the person next to you at a coffee shop has gone through.

Put effort into understanding what people have gone through. You don’t have to have a deep conversation or really a conversation at all. A nice hello or even a smile can go a long way.

Perspective is important because it elevates all of us to a platform we wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach.