Why Being Still is Important

You wake up completely exhausted. You went to bed at a decent hour but feel like you slept four hours. You walk to the shower and feel the coolness of the tile on your feet. You keep your eyes closed in the shower only opening them to locate the shampoo and soap. You get out, get dressed, and head out the door. You probably won’t slow down until you lay back down at night which seems an eternity away.


Think about it. Any other moment of the day which slows down slightly you will pull out your phone and check Instagram, text a friend, or find some other way to occupy yourself. As each day goes on you feel more and more empty. Not simply running on empty physically but also empty in every other area of your life. Something is missing.

You have tried to fill it with working out or reading or playing music but it doesn’t fill the void. When was the last time you sat in silence and let yourself be still? I’m not talking about meditating. To me it brings up an uncomfortable picture. I’m talking about sitting and simply basking in stillness.

I like feeling as if I’m in control. When I fly I am always reminded there are times when I’m not in control and those times occur much more than I realize. There are helpless feelings we all experience but for me the climax of those feelings occur when ascending 30,000 feet.

I pray continuously on flights. I would like to say I’m not scared but deep down I am uneasy. Someone I don’t know is in control of the large piece of machinery and I have to wait to take off and land. I control nothing about the situation. As I touch down I always get a sense of calm as I turn my phone back on. I’m back in control. I’m not really in control but I feel like I am.

I always am still on flights. Perhaps it is boredom. Whatever the cause is, I know it is good for me. Being still helps us subconsciously prioritize. It reminds me the majority of things I’m occupying myself with aren’t important and are keeping me from what is important.

I took this picture above Saturday morning looking out on our back porch. We got a somewhat unexpected snowfall. This image is certainly all that’s left of the snow. In fact it was almost completely gone early Saturday afternoon. Life can be the same way. If we don’t slow down we miss it. We look at our life and it looks nothing like it looked the last time we checked. We don’t even know what happened.

There aren’t enough hours in the day. Some days and weeks it seems like I’m continuously going to bed and getting back up. The time between is a complete blur. Prioritizing and focusing on a few important things is the only way we can get things done. Being still helps me prioritize and focus and I know it will help you too.

I love the way The Head and the Heart put it in their song, “Let’s Be Still”

    “The world’s not forgiving
    of everyone’s fears.
    The days turn into months, the months turn into years.
    So just for the moment, let’s be still.”