What’s Next?

Life is full of peaks and valleys. There are times when we look forward to a long trip or look forward to a new career and once it happens we don’t know where to go afterwards. What do you do when you have longed for something for so long and finally get it?

Photo Credit: Better Than Bacon via creative commons

Photo Credit: Better Than Bacon via creative commons

When things are not going well we sit and think about how happy we will be once we get to whatever it is we are striving towards. It could be a promotion, vacation, or just a day to wake up and not have to do anything at home. I want to focus on striving towards a promotion. When you finally get to where you have been heading for it’s normal to think, “what now?”

We can get so accustomed to unhappiness we think it is how we should feel all the time. Monday morning should always be awful right? We should always dread going to work or meeting with a client. Don’t buy into this lie.

I am at a point in my life right now which is so different than any other point I have been at before. In hockey, you have players which are called grinders. They are the working-class players. They don’t score much and hardly anyone buys their jersey. They do the dirty work. Every team needs a few of these.

For my whole professional career I feel like I have been a grinder. Constantly doing work I really didn’t want to do but it was necessary for the company and it was necessary for my career. You can’t start out doing something else.

I certainly have a long way to go but I am coming out of being a grinder and it is hard to shake the mentality I’m no longer a grinder. I am starting to realize I was not mentally ready for a change. When you constantly dread work and hate what you do every single day you don’t get over the feeling with a change in your job title.

Statistically over 50% of Americans are unhappy at work. You may fit into that category. Wherever you are at today I would encourage you to work on your mentality. There is nothing wrong with being there but make sure you don’t confuse happiness with a job title.

No matter what is next for you it won’t matter if you are stuck in your own self pity. Be content with your role while pushing for something greater.