Winter Thoughts

It’s cold outside. Not the cold which consumes the Northeast for the better part of the year but the cold which hits the South out of nowhere for small segments of the year. You can feel the chill in your bones when you step outside and no matter how warm you get your car the cold never goes away.

Photo Credit: Jason A G via creative commons

Photo Credit: Jason A G via creative commons

The ground is constantly moist and you don’t crave anything to eat except warm soup. I also thirst for hot tea. I will go months in the summer without drinking it but when it’s cold outside I crave tea like a character on Downtown Abbey.

I’m a big believer in summer. I don’t understand how people live in areas where a warm climate doesn’t dominate the year. I love living in the South for a variety of reasons but near the top is the weather. It gets hot but it’s comfortable. I can’t get comfortable when it’s cold outside.

Sometimes I come home from work and I want to grab a blanket and lay on the couch for hours. I’m embarrassed by how good it sounds to me right now as I type this. It’s hard to feel motivated in the winter. I long for the days of sunshine and air conditioning. I feel more alive in those months. This time of year I simply want to hibernate and wake up in the summer.

Perhaps this is why there are seasons. I hate walking through the treacherous parts of life. The sheer thought of those moments are enough to make my stomach tighten up. Maybe God tries to show us these things so we will learn the valleys in life can be as rewarding as the peaks. Sammy Rhodes tweeted this a few months back: “Today was a hard day. Reminding myself that hard days are days the Lord has made too.”

There are certain things like hearing the voice of someone you love or listening to a song you love which you haven’t heard in a while which make us feel so alive. It makes me desire for time to stand still so I can dwell in the moment for as long as I want. It doesn’t work. Time goes on and good times fade away and bring other good times and bad times along. Seasons of life are very similar to the actual seasons. I hate some seasons. I love others.

I don’t have any children but I should love seasons of life like parents love their children. They don’t love one more than the other. They love them all for different reasons. This cold time of the year I’m going to do my best to stay positive when I wake up in the morning. I’m going to treat the day as a gift rather than as something I need to get through.

Besides, we can’t get to spring unless we get through winter.