The Secret of Perseverance

When I write it happens when I get to about 400 words.
When I run it happens when I hit 1.5 miles.
When I read it happens about 20 pages after I start.

Photo Credit: Tim Lucas via creative commons

Photo Credit: Tim Lucas via creative commons

We all have walls we run into. Most of us have ambition. But there comes a point when the motivation and ambition fades and we have to decide if we want to keep going or quit. I remember when I played basketball I had to use this to my advantage. I was smaller and slower then most people I played against but I realized I could push myself to keep playing hard when others got tired. I remember a practice well before the season started when we were running suicides and I was mad. I ran as hard as I could to let out the anger and I even surprised myself how hard I was running even though I was tired.

I struggle to emulate the same perseverance in the real world.

Complacency is a terrible thing. When I get too complacent it is hard for me to accomplish anything. I talk myself into being fine with where I’m at. Are you happy with where you are at right now? If you are that’s great but I have to believe there is a desire deep within you for something better.

I don’t have it all figured out but I have read enough biographies of successful people to see common themes. One of the most common themes I have seen is they believe they can do something most people think is impossible. Most of the time it doesn’t come easy for them. I love this quote from Thomas Edison: “If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.”

I know when I fail at something I want to quit quickly. It’s embarrassing. The older I get the harder it is to fail at something.

When I struggle with anxiety or when I am dealing with a really stressful situation I shut down. I shut down mentally, physically, and emotionally. I want to sit in a room with all the lights off and dwell in my sorrow. I have learned recently greatness is shaped in those situations. When we want to do nothing is when we need to do the most.

The secret of perseverance is it is 100% up to you. It should be encouraging to hear. You don’t have depend on anyone else or worry about anyone else. It is all up to you.

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