An Open Letter to Kim Kardashian

I am like many people and feel like I know a lot about you because of the lack of privacy you have. But the only things I know about you I have read online or watched on TV.

I know a lot of people think you are famous for no reason. Although there is some merit to be had in their thoughts, I would disagree with them.

You are an easy target to make fun of and I believe people get confused and believe you are a joke. Let’s be honest, you have brought most of it on yourself. However, if those people who mercilessly make fun of you (sometimes myself included) had their lives scrutinized the way yours is, we would also be easy targets. I know I would be mortified for every mistake I have ever made to be on public display like yours are.

I saw your “break the internet” picture. You are a beautiful woman. Nobody could possibly deny it. It pains me you did that however. I don’t want to hear it was art. If it was art it wouldn’t have been titled in such a way. I fully support people having the free will to do whatever they want, and doing whatever you want with your body is included. Some people think you shouldn’t have done it because you’re now a mother. I completely disagree. Being a mother shouldn’t eliminate you from doing anything. I think it’s awesome you are a working mom.

That being said, I have a hard time believing you lay down at night and feel good about all of this. You are smart. You’re an insanely successful businesswoman. Do you really want your legacy to be as a sex symbol? When North grows up, do you want her to see you in a manor like on the cover of Paper Magazine or do you want her to see you as a successful entrepreneur? I could be way off on this but I think it’s the latter. I know you want to have a career and a family. You feel strongly about it and I wish you would talk more on this subject.

From a moral standpoint I completely disagree with what you did. From a standpoint as someone who has sisters, a wife, I’m hurt and angry. I don’t want to talk down to you but I wish you would use your platform for good. With countless women being paid less than men who have the same job in all fields and women dropping out of the workforce in droves, I wish you would chosen to take a stand instead of doing another photo-shoot. I know you feel strongly about being a working mom and I wish you would talk about this more to your audience.

As far as breaking the internet goes, more people tweeted about the comet landing than your picture. People want to be led. I hope you choose to lead rather than to take pictures of yourself.

Jacob Clingan