Pouring Out Pain

Pain and heartache are parts of life I like to ignore. One of the dreadful side effects of ignoring this is it does not get ignored. It seeps through other areas of your life and there is no stopping it.

A few months ago we had a bottle of wine sitting on top of our refrigerator. I was downstairs and suddenly I heard a crash. Morgan had shut the freezer door and the bottle of wine had shifted off the refrigerator landed on the counter then the floor. It burst into a million pieces and red wine went everywhere.

When I say everywhere I mean everywhere. She was about to work out so I told her I would handle cleaning it up. As I begin the cleanup process I could not get over how much wine there was. The bottle wasn’t even that big but it seemed like someone had come through the kitchen with a water hose full of wine and sprayed it on everything. It seeped through drawers. It got on the wall and inside the oven. It was anywhere I looked.

When we experience great pain in our lives and we don’t deal with it, this is how it gets expressed. In every area of our life it explodes and we can’t dam it up. We try hard to do so, but then seemingly out of nowhere something small sets it off and we explode in anger.

“If you don’t learn to transform the pain, you’re always going to transfer it.” – Pete Wilson

Pete talks about this often in sermons and in his book, Let Hope In. I’m grateful he continues to speak about it because I can’t hear it enough and I know I am not alone.

The hard part is there is never a good time for us to do this. I doubt there will be a day where you wake up and think to yourself, “I really want to talk about something that has been bothering me to someone.” If you do feel that way you probably won’t go through with it. If you are wired like me you will never think that way to begin with and you will continue trying to suppress the pain.

I’m worse at this than most people. I hate talking about anything unpleasant. However, I have learned to be better at it. It is similar to working out on a day where you really don’t feel it. You work out even when you don’t feel like it because you know you won’t get the results if you take unscheduled days off.

I want to encourage you to talk to someone if something is bothering you. It is probably the last thing you want to do and I get it. Do it anyways. It will have a positive impact on every area of your life if you do.