Why Do We Long for the Impossible?

All of us have regretted something in life. Big moments we can’t imagine not experiencing. Small moments we rarely think about but when we allow ourselves to we are overcome with pain.

I had a dream the other night which was beyond strange. It was so vivid when I woke up it took me a few minutes to realize it didn’t actually happen.

I was back in high school again. In a Back to the Future way (without the DeLorean unfortunately) my 27 year old self was 16 again. I was making decisions in the dream based on what I learned the first time around. I don’t have many regrets from high school but like anyone I certainly have things I would do differently. It’s funny how I believe if I went back I would do everything perfectly.

If I went back and corrected all of the mistakes I made the first time around I would make just as many if not more mistakes the second time. Do you feel that way? If you do let me tell you about what I have been reading and learning recently.

Mistakes are a part of life. We know that. God doesn’t ask us to be perfect and we don’t have to pretend like we have it all together. We know that too. But why do we act like that isn’t the case?

More importantly the times we fall short often times bring us the greatest joy. It doesn’t come in the moment but through the circumstance.

I can look back on mistakes I have made and now I can see how God has brought me through it and how he guided me. Maybe for you it’s a relationship that went too far. A night you drank too much and made an enormous mistake. You know you aren’t perfect. I want you to know you aren’t alone.

I’m coming to realize when I mess up I open up the door for God to do something great. He can turn a bleak situation into a divine blessing. However, it can only happen when things don’t go the way we think they should.

In The Grave Robber, Mark Batterson writes,

Everyone wants a miracle. But here’s the catch: no one wants to be in a situation that necessitates one! Of course, you can’t have one without the other. The prerequisite for a miracle is a problem, and the bigger the problem, the greater the potential miracle.”

I don’t know what your greatest regrets are in life. Maybe you’re like me and your greatest fear is making your next mistake. Attempting the impossible by trying to be perfect. The good news is we don’t have to be perfect and we can’t be even if we try.

Don’t live careless but don’t be afraid of messing up either. Take comfort in the fact you don’t have to be perfect.

When we do mess up we open up the door for God to step through and turn what seems like a mistake with no positive outcome into a miracle.

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  1. Thank you, Jacob
    I am always inspired & blessed by your gift of putting revelation that God’s shown you to help others.
    ☺️ I’m glad to count myself as one of those “others”

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