Striving for Something Better

Have you ever waited for something and when it finally came you were not nearly as happy about it as you thought you would be?

Most of us have felt that way several times.

A few weeks ago I was checking my work email constantly for news about some potential good news. I didn’t know a timetable of when I would receive the news via email but I couldn’t help but look what seemed like every five minutes to see if any news came in. I knew deep down nothing would change if I did get that email but I still kept checking.

I finally did get the email and after I did I felt empty. I continued to check my email repeatedly after that hoping for something that never did come.

We are constantly on the lookout for something. We want something better. We strive to find it and when it happens more often than not we are disappointed.

I’m a huge Apple fan so I watched along with thousands of others as they unveiled the new iPhone. I have had the iPhone 5 for about two years and I was excited to see all the new features in the 6 and 6 plus. As I was thinking about ordering it a thought hit me: Do I really need this phone?

Having a cell phone for two years is an eternity. I mean you might as well be carrying around a Zack Morris brick phone. However my phone still works amazingly well. My battery life is great. I have little to no issues with anything on the phone and I thought to myself, why do I need it?

The answer is simple. The iPhone 6 is better than the iPhone 5. I want it because it is better. Will I really see much of a benefit if and when I get the new phone? Probably not. I mean it is certainly faster, has a better camera, etc. but I’m not going to see a big change in my day to day phone use. I can do basically anything I need to do on the phone I currently have.

What is it your looking for that is better than what you have? Perhaps it’s your living situation. If you could get in a new house things would be so much better. If you had those new floors it would be better. If you had whatever you don’t have now it would be better.

Deep down you know this isn’t true.

I know you may think if you aren’t striving to go forward than you are going in reverse. Being in neutral is not where you want to be. I get that.

However, there is a big difference in being content and being lazy.

Go buy new gadgets if you can. Strive to be better.

But make sure you don’t let your happiness depend on what you don’t have because once you get it, you won’t be as happy as you think you will be.