How to Get More Organized

I am an extremely organized person. It is simply the way I am. At work or in my personal life I am meticulous about keeping up with everything I need. I have a system to keep up with all of my material. There are three apps/websites I use which anyone can use to help stay organized. The best part is they are all free. All three also sync to my phone upon opening up the app which is incredibly useful and easy.

1) Evernote

The more I use Evernote the more I love it. It is intimidating at first because of how expansive it is. I love the way it organizes things into stacks and notebooks. I snap pictures of medical information I need or books I want to read and save them. I keep up with to do lists. The amount you can do with Evernote seems endless. I don’t know everything there is to know about Evernote but Michael Hyatt is extremely knowledgeable. Everything I have learned to do I have learned from his blog posts on the subject. There is a premium version of this I have not used. I have heard great things about it and probably will use it soon. You can also save your Kindle highlights into it which is another tip I learned from Michael Hyatt.

2) Google Calendar

I open this daily. It is the foundation of my organization. I put everything on here from doctor’s appointments to sports schedules. I love it because it is also synced with my phone so wherever I am at I can immediately look at it and see what is going on 2 months from now if necessary. I love how easy it is to set up reminders. It’s extremely simple and user friendly.

3) Pocket

This is so simple yet so effective. It allows you to save articles, pictures, or websites together. If you are like me, often times you see an article on Twitter someone has linked and you want to read it but don’t have time in that moment. Pocket integrates with Twitter so you can click to save it and it stores it for you so you can read it later. It’s extremely useful if you have several favorites and allows you to organize the websites in a much simpler form. The Pocket widget on your computer lets you click a button on a website and it will save it for you. Similar to a bookmark or a favorite but it launches you to a website and you can view all of the pages you have saved there. It is most useful for me on Twitter. I have the widget on my laptop and apps on my iPad and iPhone so all the articles are on there and it automatically syncs when I open them.

What apps do you use to stay organized? I would love to hear about something I may not be using.