Why Are You in Such A Hurry?

We are all ready for the next step in life, but we are never satisfied with where we are at.

When you start high school, you can’t wait to drive.

When you are about to graduate high school, you can’t wait for the freedom to come in college so you can move out of your parents’ house.

When you’re in college you want to get out so you can make money and won’t have to study.

When you get a job you want to get a promotion so you can work less for more pay.

We are rarely satisfied with where we are at in life but we always look back and miss certain parts of the past.


The truth is I miss being a broke college kid. There was a fast food restaurant right near campus at UT called Guthrie’s. For a while, Guthrie’s had a deal that was too good to be true, except it was true. It was a deal which made your taste buds and bank account equally excited. It was called the box meal. The box came with chicken fingers, fries, coleslaw, and Texas toast. When you’re a broke college student this is such a clutch meal. Probably the best part was that this cost $3.99. I cannot describe how many times I ate this meal. I’m sure I would be repulsed if I saw the nutritional facts but that was literally the last thing on my mind.

Honestly, the food was good but not great (I mean it was less than four dollars). However when I think about it I’m reminded about everything in college. I can taste the fried chicken in my mouth and I remember being so full but washing the food down with a Coors Light. The first sip of beer went down into my already stuffed stomach and I realized the box of food was too much. I remember laughing with my friends while eating it. I miss those days.

I never thought about this while I was in college. When I was about to graduate I was so ready to be done. I wanted to be out in the real world and I was ready to establish my career. I realize how foolish that was now. I couldn’t see it at the time though. Studying for five minutes took a herculean effort. Now looking back I would give anything to hang out with my friends one night after eating a Guthrie’s box meal. I don’t really miss the food but I miss the contentment. There was no real stress and we had our whole lives ahead of us.

Don’t focus so much on the destination you are trying to get to in life that you miss the journey. Enjoy where you are at in life. The best way to do that is by trusting God. If you seek contentment by striving for the next stage in life you will never be satisfied. If you are discouraged with where you are at remember a raise doesn’t bring happiness. A new job doesn’t bring happiness. Focus on your relationship with God and be thankful for the small things. You will miss eating cheap food one day.

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One thought on “Why Are You in Such A Hurry?

  1. I remember the box. I never actually ate it, but I remember Jess used to drive Connor through the Guthrie’s Drive-Thru all the time so he could get one. I think you also got a large sweet tea with it too? Anyway, looking back that was definitely a different time and place compared to where we are now….RIP Guthrie’s and our youth.

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