Turn It Off

During a 7 day week I do this for 24 hours. It is a high number for some people and for others it isn’t much at all. How many hours a week do you spend watching TV? You probably feel like you don’t watch much but if you sit down and count the hours it adds up.

I don’t want you to feel bad about watching TV. I watch a ton of TV and I love it. With Netflix and the ability to record anything you want you can watch a great deal of it and have it not control your life because you can watch things when you want to watch them. I also watch sports constantly. This time of year on Saturday and Sunday there is more football on my TV then the TV’s at NFL Network.

Although I love watching it, I have to turn it off sometimes.


Morgan and I rarely eat out. We make it a point to sit down at our kitchen table and turn everything off and focus on each other when we eat supper every night. There is no background noise. We don’t have our phones near us. We sit and talk. Initially, we never had a discussion about this. Later on when talking about it we both realized it is how both of our parents wanted things when we grew up. When it was time to eat at night you turned the TV off and everyone sat down at the table and you talked to each other.

I’m a prototypical introvert. I love being alone, but I need to spend time communicating with others, especially my wife. It fuels me and helps me talk about things I don’t want to talk about but need to talk about. There is something about being fully engaged with someone in person that trumps texting with that same person. I’m no psychologist, I can’t read body language but taking away distractions, like TV, puts blinders on me so I can center in on conversation.

I’m not telling you to watch less TV. All I am saying is turn it off occasionally. If you normally watch TV while eating supper attempt to turn it off one night and sit down at the table. You will be surprised how much you enjoy it.