Planes, Dreams and Reality

There is nothing worse than working in a career you hate.


Obviously that is an exaggeration but when you are working at a job you despise it wears you down. You sit on the couch watching Planes, Trains and Automobiles and want to trade places with Steve Martin because you know what he goes through in the movie is nothing compared to the strenuous task of working a job you detest.

My first thought to myself when I think about this is to get defensive. I remind myself I have everything I really could want. I have a beautiful wife. I have a home. I have a car. I have everything I could truly ask for and more. I feel guilty for wanting more but truthfully it is what I want. I am thankful for all of that but deep down there is a burning desire to want more.

In my commute to and from work I go by the airport. It’s cool because the road I travel on goes between runways, so often there are planes taking off and landing right beside me while I’m driving.

Sometimes when I see a plane taking off I wonder where it is going and try to guess from the direction it heads in after takeoff. As I head to the office for another day of mundane work I often wish I was on the road next to me heading 30,000 feet into the sky.

I don’t wish I was going away just to get away. I’m jealous of the people who are traveling to a business meetings they are excited about. Those entrepreneurs who are truly living out their dreams every day. Or maybe those people who are traveling because they have made a lot of money and have the ability to go where they want to go when they want to go.

When I think about those people in the air who are drinking overpriced beer or studying for a presentation they have waited their whole life to give I think about how I can get there. I have read enough about successful people to know that a vast majority of them started the road to success by simply taking a leap of faith.

I had a dream last week that my wife and I were at the beach. We were on an island and we were standing on a cliff overlooking the water as waves were crashing into land drowning out the silence. I wanted to jump off the cliff into the water but there was a reef directly below. I told Morgan I wanted to jump off the cliff but I was afraid of landing on the reef. She calmly looked at me and said, “Just jump over it.” I took her advice and cleared it by a great distance.

Sometimes all we need is someone to tell us to jump. It doesn’t have to be an amazing feat but we have the innate ability to doubt ourselves and forget that we can do whatever we want and we have amazing talents we rarely reveal. I would challenge you today to jump. You know what it is you want to do, so do it. Take a leap of faith.

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