27 Things I Have Learned in 27 Years

Sunday I celebrated my 27th birthday. I know I am actually getting old because my sisters used to give me a hard time about getting old on my birthday but this past weekend they were telling me how 27 wasn’t so bad and I was not that old. Despite getting old twenty-seven has been great thus far and I came up with a list of 27 things I have learned in my lifetime.

1) My days are simply better when the first thing I do in the morning is read my Bible

2) 5:00 AM is not as early as it used to be

3) 9:00 PM is not as early as it used to be

4) I’m so lucky to be married to my best friend

5) As the years go by the more I want to read

6) Vegetables taste better than they used to

7) Dunkin’ Donuts coffee is the best

8) I turn into more of a morning person every day

9) I care less and less what people think as the years go by

10) No matter what is going on it is important to go to church on Sunday morning

11) Hangovers hurt much more than they used to

12) Driving out of the parking lot at work on Friday afternoon is the best feeling

13) I love this quote by Dave Ramsey in regard to finances,
“If you will live like no one else, later you can live like no one else.”

14) Age truly is just a number

15) The older I get the more concerned I am with the weather and I don’t know why

16) Even though I am extremely pale I feel at home at the beach (my skin does not)

17) My biggest fear is not pursing my dreams in life

18) It is OK to go to bed before midnight on a Friday

19) I actually enjoy cooking but I never do it

20) I remember eating Jack in The Box and Taco Bell in the same day a few years ago I will never eat either again and I am still recovering

21) I watch a lot of TV and I’m completely OK with that

22) Netflix > doing anything else on a Friday night

23) I love music and wish I had some talent in that area but I absolutely do not

24) Death is a part of life but it never gets easier to lose someone

25) I’m so blessed to live in Nashville I forget sometimes how awesome this city is

26) I’m the world’s worst handyman and I’m alright with that

27) There are much worse things than getting old