It Is Not About Me

I recently read a great book by Jeff Goins titled, Wrecked. It really spoke to me and I wish I could have read it when I was in college.

There was a segment in the book which strays slightly from the main topic but it impacted me more than anything else I read.

Jeff writes about a girl named Lynne and how she had an epiphany after an unfortunate set of events led to her unemployment.

She thought to herself, “If I could do absolutely anything and didn’t have to worry about money, what would I do? (134) ”

This is not the first time I have heard this thought but for some reason this time it has really stuck with me. Probably because of the season of my life I am currently in, but I have had this question on my mind a great deal lately.

When you have bills, responsibilities, and everything else going on you really don’t want to think about this. Honestly it can be depressing. Not a lot of people wake up on Monday morning and go to work doing what they love to do. It is quite despondent to look at life this way but it is reality.

One part of the book which I have wrestled with is I have never been to a third world country and seen firsthand the despair and poverty people live in. As Jeff writes in the book these experiences can “wreck” us and makes us realize what is truly important.

I really wanted to travel abroad when I was in school and I didn’t. Although I really loved the book I could not help but feel a since of regret while reading it.

However, when I read this in the last chapter of the book I felt a great sense of encouragement:

What it means to be wrecked – what it really means – is that you do the hard thing. You step into discomfort. When you bought that plane ticket or moved overseas or took that first trip to the inner city, you were fearful, anxious of the unknown. What wrecked you was the decision to move through that uneasiness and embrace what you didn’t know. It was an act of courage – doing the right thing, regardless of how you felt. And this is how life is. It’s the same lesson learned over and over again: Life is not about you. (154) ”

Unselfishness is a lesson for me which is hard to grasp. I hate when I act selfish but sometimes I can’t help myself. However, when I look back on my favorite experiences and most impactful moments, almost all of them involved me stepping out of my comfort zone or being unselfish.

What I am learning through this season in life is that it is not about me. Yes, I still have desires to work my dream job, own my dream house, etc.

Those desires will not have a negative impact on me. I am choosing to be unselfish and choosing to commit myself fully to the present. I am choosing to remember daily it is not about me.