You Don’t Have to Be a Psychologist to Help People

Friday morning a few weeks ago I found out some terrible news. A girl I had graduated high school with had committed suicide. We were not very close but our senior year of high school we hung out often with a big group of friends and it hurt so badly to find out what happened.

There are so many thoughts which run through your head at Usain Bolt like speed when you find out someone you know has done this. I had not spoken to her in years but the sadness I experienced was incredibly intense.

Even though we had not spoken in a while I wish I could have spent 5 minutes with her and encouraged her. Told her she could use the problems she faced for good. How she was not alone and there was not anything wrong with her.

Honestly I was not close enough to the situation to know why she did what she did. However, I did spend a lot of time thinking about why someone would do something like that.

I feel like social media can sometimes have a negative impact on people. When you get on Facebook or Instagram and constantly see pictures of people who look happy with their marriage, their job, or their travels, you feel bad about yourself. You think to yourself you will never be that happy, you will never be able to travel the world. Worse is seeing people who seem to have perfect bodies. You look at yourself in the mirror and know you will never feel comfortable posting a picture of yourself online because you aren’t happy with the way you look.

I love Facebook but I definitely understand the negative consequences that can occur even if they are unintended.

I don’t think we should feel bad for putting certain pictures on social media. I do believe we should tell our close friends and family how much they mean to us. I’m horrible at it but I am striving to get better. You never dislike hearing someone tell you how much they care about you.