You Control Your Anxiety

Perry Noble has written an unbelievable book titled, Overwhelmed. I remember reading the first chapter of the book and feeling as though he had followed me around for the past six months and watched me. I felt like I was reading a biography about my life.

The brutal honesty in the book has seeped through to me. It has been difficult to talk with close friends about my anxiety because I do not want them to think less of me. It has made me realize part of my problem is pride. I want people to think I have it all together. The truth is I don’t. There is so much freedom in that.

I tend to put up a front with people and pretend everything is ok when it really is not. It is something I have struggled with immensely.

One of the first lines I underlined in the book was:

“Your overwhelming circumstances will always be overwhelming if you allow them to be.”

There is so much truth in that statement. I have gone over this sentence and several other notes I have written from the book countless times. One part of anxiety I have experienced is the worthlessness you feel. When you are going through it you feel like you can’t accomplish anything. Simply getting through work and surviving until it’s time to go to bed is an accomplishment.

By doing you can get out of it. Even if it is simply going to dinner with friends…anything helps. You have to push yourself to get your mind off you own struggles and enjoy life.

One aspect which helps me is to remind myself every single day is a gift. Today will never happen again. You don’t get to live this day over again. Push yourself to make it the best it can be.