What I Have Learned From My Love – Hate Relationship with Running

I believe everyone has something in their life they love and hate at the same time. For me, it is running.

It boils down to the fact I love having ran, but the actual running and the thought of running I typically hate. I love the feeling after a run. It is very enjoyable to lay on the couch and watch TV after running because I don’t feel quite as guilty about it.

I don’t consider myself a serious runner. I have ran in several 5K’s and one half-marathon but after subscribing to Runner’s World I realized I was not nearly as serious as some people were about it. I enjoy it and the feeling I got after crossing the finish line of the Country Music half-marathon was incredible.

In the past 9 months or so I have really struggled to run. It is so easy once you get in a routine of not running to stay that way. Within the last month or so I have tried to reverse that.

I used to always run with no headphones. However, I recently bought a pair of headphones (which I highly recommend) made for running and I have been listening to music while running. I have really enjoyed it but the other day it was raining slightly so I didn’t use my headphones.

I forgot how peaceful it was to run with no sound at all. The silence was so relaxing. There is something about tuning everything out which allows my thoughts to organize themselves without much effort. Clarity is at the forefront and distractions fall away with each stride. It was amazing. The only sound I heard was my feet hitting the pavement and I felt so refreshed when I was done.

Life can be extremely overwhelming. If you do not stop and focus your thoughts you will be crushed by a wave of circumstances and end up swept to shore wondering where the past several years have gone.

Maybe running is not your thing and it is not always mine but it is important to find something you can do to dwell in silence. Sometimes while driving I turn the radio off for a few miles to clear my head. It is important to find an outlet to recharge. It helps slow things down and make things much clearer.

We all have goals and ambitions. We need to make sure we focus on them.