How to Deal with Criticism

We all have to deal with it at some level. It does not matter if you make millions of dollars or if you live paycheck to paycheck, criticism will come your way.

Today I read an article in Bloomberg Businessweek about Under Armour’s presence (or lack thereof) in the World Cup. The article bashes Under Armour for having an incredibly small number of players (2) who are wearing their cleats and points out that no country is using them for their kits.

The article brings up some great points but as I read it I could not help but think about how much this company has accomplished. I do not know much about it but it was founded in 1996 and has done incredible things in a very short amount of time.

The company did not even start making cleats until 2006 and has already made some headway in that arena. Even an average fan has seen their logo pop up everywhere over the last few years.

I bring this up because I believe all of us struggle with wondering what other people think about us. We think people will make fun of our dreams and sometimes even worse they may make fun of our dreams and they might be right.

I sometimes find myself thinking I want to be so successful so I can live without fear of criticism from others because I have accomplished something which will give me credibility. The truth is success doesn’t stop criticism. In some cases it even increases it. I have not experienced it first hand but after reading this article it made me realize how wrong I have been.

Don’t let your dreams be stopped before they even start by worrying about what criticism you may or may not receive. Criticism comes when you are close to the top as often as it comes when you are on rock bottom.