My Favorite Letter

Last night I was transferring precious valuables junk from one nightstand to another. It is amazing to see the things I keep and have kept throughout the past several years.

I do not remember the exact time I got this nightstand but I believe it was in the summer between my sophomore and junior year of college.

The top drawer is filled with business cards, old ID’s, pictures from college, and random pens.

The second drawer is full of old cell phones, iPods, a GPS, and old devotional books. Somehow in one of my many moves it also resulted in old pairs of croakies being stored there.

However, my favorite drawer is definitely the bottom one. It is filled with every letter I have received since I have had the nightstand. I have been blessed to receive so many incredible notes from friends and family members over the years. Recently, it has been filled with wedding invitations and other mail I have received but I treasure the handwritten notes that are in there most.

One note in particular always makes my day when I read it. My grandparents wrote me so often in college and I loved every note they sent. I have written about my Grandfather before. Dadoo, as we called him, wrote me one note in particular right when I graduated college and it has meant so much to me.

The note starts out saying,

Mere words can never express my deep and sincere pride in what you have accomplished in graduating from college – especially UTK. I consider it one of the highlights of my long life.

Those words describe him so well. It may sound odd that someone else accomplishing something was the highlight of his life but it would not be strange if you knew him. As the letter goes on it becomes hard to read because arthritis had hampered Dadoo’s ability to use his hands well, but it is legible and I am thankful for every word.

I enjoy writing but have not written many letters. I long to do it more but what is more important (and easier) is verbally sharing with people how much they mean to you.

I struggle to express myself with close friends sometimes and recently it has really started to bother me. You can only get close to people if you let them see you for who you are and let your guard down.

This letter Dadoo wrote me is so good and so powerful even as I read it today. I’m thankful for him but more than that I’m so glad he told me how he felt about me. I recently read an incredible blog from Pete Wilson about this topic. In the post he talks about fatherhood and how John Eldredge says every son is basically asking one question of his dad, “Dad, do you think I’ve got what it takes?”

I am grateful to have a Dad and a Grandfather who not only believed I had what it takes but told me. More importantly, they loved me and believed in me and they didn’t want me to be anyone other than who I was.

Who do you need to thank today for being there for you? I would encourage you to do it. Maybe even write them a letter…you may never know how much it will mean to them.