How a Weekend of Nothing Was What I Needed


Summer is such a great time of year. This past weekend I noticed everyone seemed to be going somewhere or doing something except for me.

Morgan and I really wanted to go to CMA Fest Friday but tickets were extremely high and we did not want to pay crazy money to sit in the upper deck so we decided to stay home.

It felt like everyone I knew was either going on a trip, going to CMA fest, or doing something fun. I went to bed extremely early Friday night (even for me). I was exhausted after a long week. When I woke up Saturday morning I felt great. I was rejuvenated and spent the morning drinking coffee and reading.

My friend Tripp came over later in the morning and helped me put together a grill I had recently bought. It was awesome to hangout and talk while we put it together. Truthfully he put it together while I watched, but I like to say we put it together because it makes me feel better.

After picking up a propane tank and food to grill out I came home and went for a run. Afterwards I watched the US soccer team’s final send off match before the World Cup and then the Belmont Stakes.

I was able to grill and eat just before a torrential downpour happened and then we spent the night watching Netflix. It was a superb day. Sunday we went to church then spent the rest of the day relaxing before the start of another long work week.

I love weekends like this. As much as I long to travel and to experience cool things going on in Nashville these are the moments where life happens. Using my grill for the first time while listening to Florida Georgia Line and laughing with my beautiful wife was better than anything else I could have done Saturday.

Finding myself in those moments I’m so thankful. Taking time to relax is something which helps me so much. Taking time to do nothing helps me accomplish so much when it is needed. And honestly spending a morning drinking coffee and reading and writing to me is perfection.

It was a perfect weekend of nothing and I can’t wait until the next one.