Why Have You Not Taken a Trip?

Last year about this time Morgan and I were out to dinner and we were talking about places we wanted to travel later in the year.

We wanted to go to Atlanta for a weekend trip to see a Braves game and to check out some other places down there such as the World of Coca-Cola. We also wanted to go to the beach for a week at the end of the summer. We ended up not making either of those trips.

We wanted to make them happen but we didn’t and I’m not sure why. We were talking this past weekend about trips we wanted to make this year and she pointed out that we had the same conversation last year and didn’t do anything so why would we suddenly go somewhere this year?

I don’t have an answer and I wish I did. I feel like I’m not alone in feeling this way. I know there are others who make plans to travel and never do it


This picture was taken in Tacoma, Washington last October. I visited Washington for work and was able to see some of Seattle while I was there along with Tacoma. While I was taking this picture I realized I need to see things like this more often. I’m going to follow through and make plans to see more places and to do more things this year. I got off to a good start with going to Jamaica earlier in the year and I will keep it going.

Is there a place you have not visited that you have always wanted to go?