Stuck in My Head

I don’t remember the month, the year, or even leaving the emergency room. If I had to guess I would say I was about ten or eleven. Myself, my dad, and his friend Bubba decided to go fishing.

We were in a small jon boat and it was decided I needed to sit in the middle so the two men could have room to cast and so I would not interfere with them. I was sitting in the middle of the boat watching the water hoping possibly a small fish would bite so I could catch something even if it was not a huge bass.

It may sound boring but I was in heaven. At that age hanging out with older men doing manly things like fishing is about the coolest thing you can do. I didn’t care about the circumstances I was one of the guys.

I can vividly remember the exact moment it happened. I remember hearing the sound of Bubba’s fishing rod going back and I also remember the rattle trap lure making impact on my head. It did not really hurt which is amazing. If you have never seen a rattle trap lure google them. Yeah…all those hooks dug into my head so deep they would not come out.

I may be stating the obvious here but a man who goes by “Bubba” is inherently strong. I do not believe you will find many “Bubba’s” that are small, slender men. Bubba had reached back and used a lot of country strength to try to cast and all his force had caused a fishing lure to get stuck in my head. After realizing they could not remove it my dad and Bubba decided it was time to go to the emergency room.

I don’t remember my dad calling my mother to explain this to her but I’m sure it was an interesting conversation. The ride to the emergency room was comical for my dad and Bubba because every single time we hit a bump the lure would rattle on top of my head. To say it was frightening was an understatement. However, to say it was awesome would also be an understatement. I was not crying like a boy in the backseat I was handling it like a man.

I vividly remember sitting in the emergency room and looking at the other presumably soft people sitting there. I’m not sure why most of them were there but I doubt it was memorable for them. Whatever they were there for was certainly not as intimidating as my injury. There were some others in the room who I felt a bond with. One boy in particular looked to be about my age and he had suffered some type of football injury. As he limped around I felt a certain connection with him. There is something about being a boy and thinking you are close to being a man that believes you have to earn some battle wounds to get there. A football injury, a fishing story, these all fell under the same category to me.

It wasn’t easy to get the lure out and I had to get some numbing shots before the doctor pulled it out of my head. Leaving the emergency room I felt on top of the world.

1996 02 (30)

I went fishing a lot growing up and caught a lot of fish. However, the greatest fishing story I have has nothing to do with catching fish. What I did get that day was a story I can tell forever. I didn’t become a man, but I felt like one. What is funny is I still find myself trying to feel like one. When I can’t figure out how to put something together or can’t fix a broken sink I try to compensate by doing something else that makes me feel like a man. It might be planning a camping trip or planning to go to a shooting range. I wish I would be more comfortable just being me.

I’m not Mr. fix it and there are things I really wish I knew how to do that I may never be able to do but I’m exactly who God created me to be.

Hopefully I have a son one day and we can go fishing. I really hope that he does not get a lure stuck in his head but I know as we are hanging out waiting for a fish to bite I will pull a total dad move and have story time. I will explain how going out with Bubba and my dad in a jon boat turned into a trip to the emergency room.

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  1. Awesome!! Forgot about that incident, cried I laughed so hard thinking about the bumps & rattling…

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