The Number One Topic I Enjoy Reading

I have been reading a lot lately. Not only books but blogs and news articles as well. My interests in reading are all over the place. I enjoy reading about sports, business, spiritual growth, personal development, autobiographies, and any fiction. Basically I enjoy everything but romance novels.

As I was looking back at similarities to some of the best books I have read I realized there was a common theme in these books that I enjoyed. I love reading about people’s struggles and failures.

I’m not entirely sure why I enjoy reading about this so much but I believe it has a lot to do with the fact that it helps me realize I can overcome my imperfections and still achieve great things. I also enjoy reading them because I want to share with others my failures and mistakes.

The majority of books that I read would be categorized as “spiritual growth.” In most of these books the author will share about difficulties they have struggled with and how they overcame them. I just finished reading Overwhelmed by Perry Noble. He spoke candidly about the struggles he had personally dealt with facing stress and anxiety. As a reader, you can tell when the author is genuine. Reading that book and realizing how deep Perry’s struggles were with anxiety and depression and how he was able to overcome them was very moving.

I enjoy the transparency that comes with a very personal blog post or chapter in a book. This post from Carlos Whitaker about his adopted son on Mother’s Day really spoke to me. Most of the blogs I read and the books I enjoy the most have this theme tied into them. It’s not that I pretend to have it all together but I struggle with talking about my shortcomings even with close friends and family. It makes me very uncomfortable. The more I have read the more I know that I need to share more. Not only to get it off my chest but in order to let others know that they are not alone in whatever they are struggling with.