Thoughts from 22 Year Old Jacob Clingan


It is very hard for me to believe that I have spent as much time as a college graduate as I did in college. College absolutely flew by, but I have so many great memories from that time that it seems I lived half my life in Knoxville, TN as a college student.

As I was noticing on social media so many people graduating from high school and college the past few weeks I wondered what my 22 year old fresh college graduate self would have thought about the 26 year old married me now.

The first thought my 22 year old self would have had about me is, “how did you get so old in only 4 years?” My weekends are now filled with “sleeping in” until 7:30 AM and looking forward to trips to the farmers market and other places that make me feel twice if not three times my age.

My 22 year old self would be happy about the risks I have taken. They have not always worked out and in some cases been horrible decisions but I took them and I learned from them. I have not settled for second best for myself and I have not comprised my beliefs or principles.

My 22 year old self would laugh at how I think I don’t have enough money to do things. In college I took numerous road trips when my bank account would look like a GPA. 22 year old Jacob knew how to have fun without having nice things. Sometimes I forget that life is not about how many nice things you can buy.

My relationship with God has grown more in the past two years than it has in the rest of my life. I wish it did not take me this long to truly prioritize Him above everything and not only say that but live my life that way.

My 22 year old self would be proud about how I have not let fear dictate the way I live life. I have made numerous mistakes, regretted so many things, but also chased after things. I’m not where I want to be but I’m headed in the right direction and although he would think my Friday nights are lame he would be proud of how I’m living my life. He would be amazed that I married a Phi Mu and not only that, I married the most amazing woman on the face of the planet. It has been a great 4 years and I hope that the next 4 years provide more excitement. I want to take risks, make mistakes, and continue to be the man God created me to be.