What I Learned on My Vacation Part 1


I have been back for about a week from a honeymoon that was perfect. We had an amazing time spending seven days in paradise and I already want to go back to Jamaica.

One day while I was there I sat down and wrote out some thoughts on what I was feeling. While I was there I felt such clarity when thinking about what I wanted to pursue in life and what is really important. There was one main thing I realized I needed to do.

I need to slow down. Like most people I feel that I have no free time and sometimes I feel like I aimlessly go from task to task without enjoying anything. I am not nearly as busy as a lot of people but I never sit down and relax. “Relaxing” for me tends to be reading or watching something on Netflix.

I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about sitting down and simply reflecting. I don’t like to use the word meditation because honestly it seems weird to me but that is exactly what I need to do more often. As I sat there on the beach and looked at the most beautiful water I had ever seen I became overwhelmed with joy.

I sat there with no music playing, not reading anything, and thought about how blessed I was. It was impossible for me to sit back and not be overcome with gratitude when I thought about how much God has blessed me.

That is very easy to do when you are on vacation on a Caribbean island but it is a little harder when you are back to reality in a cubicle on Monday morning. However, I want to sit back each day and meditate on how much God has blessed me and how many unbelievable things I have going on in my life.

I will never be able to grasp and enjoy these blessings if I do not slow down. So I’m going to continue to slow down and enjoy everything that is going right in my life no matter what circumstances I find myself in.

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2 thoughts on “What I Learned on My Vacation Part 1

  1. Thank you for sharing Jacob. I can’t tell you how much that hit me this morning as I read it while at my own desk at work. I’ve been married almost 22 years & most of what I remember about those years of having four girls, each two years apart, is just making it through. Always rushed & busy. I’ve said many times, I’m so weary of always answering the question of “How are you?” with “I’m busy & exhausted”. I don’t recall being raised in an atmosphere where my parents were always going…going.. going – yet, that’s exactly what we are teaching our children is “the norm”.
    We all need a paradigm shift to a life of gratefulness that rests peacefully in the here & now, instead of racing to a false finish line – forgetting that our creator intended us to enjoy the journey.
    Thanks Jacob 😉

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed it Stacey. You’re exactly right about enjoying the journey. We won’t enjoy it unless we are intentional about it.

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