What Happens When Your Passion For Something Fades?

Throughout the past few years I have pursued several different passions at different times. In particular I think about how passionate I was about running leading up to when I ran a half marathon in 2012. I was consumed with taking care of my body and hitting my training goals. I remember one Saturday really struggling with a longer training run just a few weeks out from running the half and the level of disappointment I had in myself after that was crushing. When I finished the half I felt such an elation (actually my legs felt like they were on fire upon reaching the finish line but after about 30 minutes the elation started), it was amazing. Since then I have continued to run but I have been unable to gain that passion back for running. I can’t explain why but it has been different. It has been frustrating at times because I long for that passion I had when I was so focused on reaching my running goals but I haven’t been able to regain it. I have come to realize that is alright. From a physical stand point I still need to stay in shape but passions in life can change. Now there are a few passions I have that I’m so deeply in love with I know they won’t change. First would be my relationship with Christ which is followed closely by my relationship with Morgan and my family. I know that my passion first for Christ and second for my future wife will not change. After that there is a revolving door of different passions I have that have sometimes come and gone.

I hope that I continue to run and I may even run another half or even a full marathon but right now I don’t desire deep down to do that. Considering that I have not entered another race since the half marathon was it a waste of time for me to spend so much time focused on running a few years ago? Of course not. I learned so much about myself and about how far and how hard I could push myself. The only tangible item I have left from that race is a medal for finishing but there were so many intangible assets I got form running that it was well wroth it. Our passions can change in life and that is perfectly fine. I have never regretted pursing something that I was passionate about. It has not always worked out well but in the end I was glad I pursued it.

John Eldredge says, “We hide our true desire and call it maturity.” Whatever it is you are not doing today that you want to do or you are curious to try…do it. It may not result in what you expect but it will be worth it.