Don’t Spend Your Life Looking At Obstacles

I have been having some problems with my truck recently and it has made me more aware while I am driving of my surroundings. I have noticed through construction zones and other areas of my commute that there are places where if something happens to your car you are not going to be able to move out of the way of traffic. There is no shoulder, there is nowhere to go.

One particular day after driving and arriving at my destination I realized that I should have paid much more attention to the road and traffic around me than to what would happen if my truck broke down and I had nowhere to get out of the way.

I tend to worry much more than I need to about things that are out of my control. Looking back I realize that I spent a lot of time worrying about things that never materialized. Similar to driving and worrying about potential problems your focus is not on the present. While driving this can cause an accident which seems much worse than worrying about issues in life but I don’t know if it is much worse.

I was thinking the other day about my senior year in college and how stressed out I was about things that now seem laughable. It didn’t prevent me from having a great year enjoying my last year in school, but it did hinder it somewhat. When I think back I wish I would have trusted God more and simply enjoyed the present. It’s very easy to look back and wonder why you couldn’t have more faith because you know how things turned out. In the present it is much harder to have faith about whatever issue you are dealing with because you don’t know. If you make a conscious decision that you are going to not let your stress level or your level of happiness be impacted by what is going on in your life you will be more content. The truth is that next week or next month there will be something else that is on your mind and you will be in the same position again.

When you worry about the future you rob yourself of joy that you could be experiencing in the present. I’m sure if you look back on things you can recall a time and place where you were worried about something and nothing came of it. Certain things will be on your mind but there is no sense in worrying yourself over things that you can’t control.

Don’t look at obstacles. You will rob yourself of the present.