Who You’re Becoming

Cross Point is an amazing church in Nashville and my fiancee and I love attending there. I also love that they put almost all of their messages on YouTube so you can watch it if you can’t make it to a service. A few months ago I was watching a message on my iPad and Pastor Pete said something that has been stuck in my mind ever since I watched it.

The most important thing about you is who you’re BECOMING.

He went on in further detail. “It’s about your character. It’s not about your achievement. It’s not about your resume. It’s not about your title. It’s not about your bank account. Is the character of Christ being formed in you?”
Like most people in their 20s I am so focused on where I’m going. I want to be making a certain amount of money by the time I’m 30, I want to have a certain amount of debt paid off by a certain date, I want to travel to different countries. I don’t spend enough time thinking about who I’m becoming. Are you becoming the person you want to be?